Now that we have a clearer understanding as to why our officer's lists merged from last year I want to share it with everyone. Because CLT was delayed until August this year, all of last year's officers had to remain in the system to allow them to vote. Unfortunately, Tye, at the state office, has attempted to delete the past officers but has so far been unsuccessful as the system does not seem to recognize new from old as this has not happened in the past. Please bear with us while we make sure that all of our records are accurate. If you have not already done so, please use the Officers and Address Change form and submit to state via either: mail to Georgia PTA 114 Baker Street N.E. Atlanta, Ga 30315 email to and copy to us at council, We are entering into a new era of Georgia PTA and it is a process that is happening at the fastest most efficient pace possible. Please be sure to register all officers on our website to ensure that everyone is communicated with throughout the year. Reminder, Council dues are due by Friday, September 30, 2017, to be in Good Standing Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. If you are no longer an officer please reply REMOVE to this email.
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